Joe Biden warns ‘doomsday’ if Putin uses nukes: ‘He’s not kidding’


America president, Joe BidenWarning that the world is getting closer “End of the World” Since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, during the Cold War, after threats Vladimir Putin of Use of nuclear weapons in the Ukrainian war.

Biden warns Russian president “He’s not kidding” And warned that the world has never been this close to a nuclear catastrophe in 60 years. “For the first time since the Cuban missile crisis, we face the threat of nuclear weapons If things continue to go the way they have been so far,” Biden said Thursday at a Democratic fundraiser in New York.

It was the most direct and disastrous statement from Joe Biden since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. The US president believes that Putin’s situation is complicated, hard to find a way out And he may be looking for face-saving solutions, such as the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

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Putin is not kidding

Along those lines, he warned that he “knows” the Russian president “very well” and “He’s not kidding” when he said he could use weapons Nuclear or biological, as their armed forces showed lower than expected levels.

“I don’t think you can use tactical nuclear weapons without ending the end of the world,” the president said. Reviewed the point of view “End of the World” From the days of former presidents Kennedy, must deal with the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, when the United States learned that USSR installed in Cuba 42 nuclear warhead missiles Mid-range to target your territory.

Faced with this prospect, Joe Biden He regretted that, in his view, it was impossible that the use of tactical nuclear weapons did not ultimately lead to nuclear war.It also details that it is trying “Find out which is Putin’s exit”.

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“I’m trying to figure out where Putin’s way out is. Where does he find a way out? How do you get Russia to not only have a facelift, but put Putin out of significant power within Russia?” the president added.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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