Joe Biden signs executive order criminalizing sexual harassment in U.S. military


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America president, Joe Biden A decree was signed this Wednesday classifying it as sexual harassment In the U.S. Army’s Code of Justice in honor of the murder of a soldier Vanessa Gillenwho disappeared Found dead after sexual harassment at Fort Hood, Texas.

“This is an important recommendation of the independent review committee, which and its compliance with the leadership of the Department of Justice,” said a White House spokesman. Jen Psaki.

He also added that this “Historic” Initiativewhich will take effect within 30 days of its enactment – which was signed into law in December – is an “effort” to strengthen the prosecution of the following cases Sexual and domestic violence in the military.

In that sense, the administration, in a statement through the White House, thanked Congress for its “bipartisan commitment” to approving reforms to the military justice system, such as criminalizing the illegal distribution of sexual photos.

In addition to making stalking a separate offence, the new law Changes to how sexual harassment complaints are handled Inside the U.S. Army, as commanders must now file complaints with independent investigators, CNN reported.


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