Joe Biden asks Putin to choose ‘diplomatic’ path ‘for our common future’


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President of the United States (United States), Joe Bidenasking his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putinstart a Ukraine’s real “de-escalation” And asked him to return to the diplomatic path “for our common future”.

At the same time, he urged U.S. citizens to “leave Ukraine before it is too late and there is insufficient means to do so.”

“The United States is in close coordination with our allies and is open to high-level diplomacy.based on Multiple diplomatic outlets What we and our allies have proposed to Russia in recent months,” Biden said.

America president Has accused Russia of maintaining a ‘threatened’ military posture towards Ukraine that still It is ‘apparently possible’ to invade the countryannounced in Moscow Evacuation of some military units.

Additionally, Biden noted that his administration “has not yet verified” allegations that Russian troops were withdrawing from the Ukrainian border, and assured that “more than 150,000” Russian soldiers remain around Ukraine and Belarus.

Here’s why he again urged Putin to choose the diplomatic route And took steps to de-escalate the situation in a brief speech in the East Room of the White House.

Biden’s words happened in a skeptical context The U.S. government is concerned about Russia’s willingness to de-escalate tensions with Ukraine and Washington’s insistence Moscow may attack neighbor this week.

Russia to start withdrawing troops on Tuesday Some military units near the Ukrainian borderby ensuring they have accomplished their missionalthough he stressed that this was a planned withdrawal and not due to Western pressure.

In a phone call on Tuesday, Biden and the French president, Emmanuel Macronalthough they considered it a good sign, reacted cautiously to the announcement about the withdrawal of some military units from Russia.

The two leaders agreed You must “assess the quality of the ad” and “examine its scope and meaning”said Elysee sources.

Likewise, Biden’s deputy national security adviser Dalip Singh made his point in a statement to the network NBC Finance Channel “Actions speak louder than words” and said the United States “will monitor what is happening on the ground very carefully.”

Tensions between Kiev and Moscow have risen since Novemberafter Russia to deploy more than 100,000 troops Near the Ukrainian border, this raised alarms in Ukraine and the West condemning preparations for the invasion.

Washington insists Russian attack on Ukraine may be ‘imminent’while Russia denies planning an invasion and argues that it has the sovereign right to deploy troops anywhere on its territory.

The U.S. government announced on Monday Moved its embassy operations to western Ukraine “For security”, while Russian President Vladimir Putin insisted on Tuesday Russia doesn’t want war in Europe.


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