Joaquín Prat’s message to Ana Rosa’s return: “We’re making a ball”


It’s been almost a year Ana Quintana It was announced at the scene that he was temporarily off television after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Although the reporter has made multiple appearances over the months and signs that she is getting better, she has yet to return to her leadership role. Anna Rosa’s showher colleagues eagerly awaited her.

Joaquín Prat in “Project Ana Rosa”. / Telecommunications company

Although Ana Rosa is expected to resume activities in September this year, with the start of the magazine’s new season, summer courses, her return has been delayed as she is still recovering from breast cancer. For this reason, Patricia Pardo and Joaquín Prat continue to lead the program, although they remain very focused on journalists. In fact, Pratt always says goodbye by sending Ana Rosa a kiss, and this week he was on camera with a few words to reporters.

Tamara Falco interviewed by Ana Rosa Quintana. / Telecommunications company

In the social chronicle portion of the show, they’ve been talking about one of the current issues in recent days, Tamara Falco and Inigo Oneeva. Patricia Pardo recalls that Isabel Preysler’s daughter’s first TV interview was on the show 15 years ago.At the time, a video was played which recorded some moments of that interview Ana Quintana, Joaquin took the opportunity to remind his partner: “I saw Anna’s interview, and…”, the host said, clearly moved. “We miss you, Ana. We’ve gotten a little clumsy. Let’s see if time flies and you’re back,” he stressed, before giving way to something else.

Joaquin Platt
Joaquín Prat with Ana Rosa Quintana. / Getreth

While it’s not yet known when the reporter will return to space, she’s always been there. In fact, at the start of the new season, her colleagues remembered her words: “Ana, you really have no idea how much the entire technical and editorial team loves you, especially the public. Watch our audience at home every day. Tell exactly. They, we really can’t give them the best version of us because the best version happens because they’re here, in their place, but we’re going to give them a great product. The best show we can do” , said Patricia Pardo. Joaquin Platt added a few words without hesitation. “Anita, what are we going to tell you? There is less left, we are here waiting for you with open arms. And now, she will be sitting here, and Ana Rosa Quintana has to be there. “,Sentenced.


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