Joaquín Prat launches an Arrow of Understanding for Íñigo Onieva


More and more familiar faces have expressed their views on the recent breakup. Tamara Falco and Inigo OneevaIt was caused by some videos that appeared hours after the businessman asked for the marriage The Marquise of Grignon. This story is followed in every corner of the country, and it has not been ignored by Joaquín Prat. Anna Rosa Projectdid not want to miss the opportunity to mention what happened.

Joaquin Platt/Telecinco in “Project Ana Rosa”

As the host of the Telecinco morning show, born in denmark He wanted to throw darts in support of Íñigo Onieva when he saw some photos in which his mother, Carolina Moras, assured him that he and his family were having a bad time because of the situation. Let Joaquin immediately travel to the past: “I’ve been there and my mom didn’t like it either‘, he began to reveal, suggesting that in his younger days, perhaps he enjoyed some kind of rebellion that his mother wouldn’t have seen. But anyway, its mate Patricia Brown He wanted to leave the anecdote there instead of revealing more details about the story he was referring to, though he did clarify that what happened a few years ago would have made his mother have a bad time and let him play A very similar character, Íñigo, in these moments, certainly doesn’t have as much media attention.

Íñigo Onieva and a woman who is not Tamara / Tiktok
Íñigo Onieva and a woman who is not Tamara / Tiktok

But the reporter’s testimony didn’t stop there, and he wanted to celebrate the insights of the businessman’s mother in every aspect at such a complicated moment:”Íñigo Onieva’s mother is so polite, happy and to the point. Here, we all suffer, and everyone suffers in a different way.Putting the horns is not the same, they put them on you”, he reflected, noting that although Tamara Falco Having been the victim of cheating by his ex-partner, he won’t go through the idyllic position of being attacked numerous times.

Íñigo Onieva and Tamara Falcó team up / Gtres
Íñigo Onieva and Tamara Falcó team up / Gtres

Still, the truth is, in all this network, he’s the only one with a voice.While he had admitted in Tamara’s company last Friday afternoon that “whoever regrets they’ll get married,” his current ex’s discovery of the truth would blow up his version, causing him to retire to the social network to sing fault public. But even this forgiveness didn’t serve the Marquise, who still held fast to her beliefs and had no intention of taking a step back in her breakup with Íñigo, showing that she was hurt by deceit, but found the one she loves on a new journey support as he will have to rebuild his life on his own, forgetting the idea of ​​passing the altar, at least next June 2023.


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