Joaquín Prat confesses how he was scammed by a false message from the Post Office


Just a few days ago, a new scam to steal money from people made the rounds in the media. These are increasingly difficult to distinguish and no citizen is exempt from being able to fall into them. Even Joaquín Prat confessed in it’s already noon who was the victim of a.

The morning show explained that scammers use fake traffic tickets to trick drivers cars. These include a QR code through which payment of the fine would be accessed, but this is totally wrong. It’s a new practice, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more ways to be tricked.

One of the most common methods is that of false packages and it is precisely in this that the presenter of it’s already noon. “The other day, with a false message from the Post Office, they smuggled it in and stole 200 euros from my card,” says Joaquín Prat.. He assures that if he had not waited for a real package, he would never have fallen into the trap. “It’s very easy to fall because the scam methods are getting more and more sophisticated,” he acknowledged..

The Police have already launched an alert on the case of false fines. Up to 80 of them have appeared in Madrid’s Carabanchel district, although it cannot be ruled out that there are more places. These appear placed on the windshield of the vehicle, like any other fine.

From the show they interviewed Inmaculada Sanz, spokesperson for Madrid City Hall and delegate for security and emergencies. “A procedure has been opened and an investigation is underway to find out the context of the case”explained to the public. “They must not scan it because it could cause some type of damage in terms of data protection”, underlined the spokesperson. Moreover, he pointed out that no authority uses QR codes to carry out this type of procedure.


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