Joaquin from Denmark, angry: ‘I don’t understand my children are being abused’


Queen Margarita has surprised locals and strangers alike after announcing a reduction in the number of active royals. The children of the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Joachim, will no longer have the title of prince from January next year, although they will continue to have a place in the line of succession, the Danish royal family confirmed in a wide-ranging statement. According to the decisions of the new era, the monarchy is becoming less and less.

However, the committee’s decision queen margaret, although it meets the needs of institutions, but not everyone likes it. And, just hours after the news broke, the Queen’s daughter-in-law, Countess Alexandra, spoke about it, expressing her unease. Prince Joaquin’s first wife claims to be very confused by the Queen’s decision and wonder why she would do this to her children: “We are all baffled by this decision. We are saddened and shocked. The children feel marginalized. They cannot understand why their identity has been taken away.”,rest assured.

Prince Joaquin, now the son of the monarch, expressed his dissatisfaction with his mother’s decision.In a statement to journalists from the Danish media Newsletter In Paris, the city where he lives, the prince said he was very saddened by the news. The heir’s brother had another day at the embassy, ​​and he didn’t hesitate to express his disappointment at the new status of his four children, so far princes Nicholas, Felix, Artena and Henrik. “It’s never fun to see your child being abused like this. We don’t even understand the situation,” he said, visibly upset.

Joachim of Denmark

The monarch’s youngest son assured that the family was very upset by the decision, explaining that he knew of the queen’s intentions a few days ago: ‘They gave me five days notice’, Say. However, some of the statements contrasted sharply with the information provided by the royal family. Prince Joaquin has been informed since last spring that the Queen has decided to reduce the number of members of the royal family and will develop a plan to implement those changes, according to official sources. The heir’s brother noted that all he knew was that the title would not be taken away until his child turned twenty-five, but the royal family had set a date for the new structure next year.

Joachim of Denmark

Hours after the news broke, queen margaret He’s in the official act again, but he doesn’t want to expand too much on the issue: “It’s a consideration I’ve had for a long time, and I think it’s good for their future. Here’s why”The monarch said it made it clear that, for her, the decision was for the benefit of her grandchildren. At least, that’s the message they wanted from the royal family. “We know there are a lot of emotions at play at this time, but we want the Queen to ensure the future wishes of the royal family are respected,” they announced from the press service.


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