Joao Felix clashes with Atletico Madrid fan over Griezmann: Have more respect


Some Atletico Madrid fans remain unhappy that Antoine Griezmann has returned to the club, with one going as far as to ask Joao Felix to injure his new teammate.

The Portuguese forward greeted some of the Atletico supporters as he left the club’s training ground, but one fan made a horrible request to the youngster.

“Joao, injure Griezmann, as if you didn’t want to,” the fan said to Joao Felix, as captured by El Golazo de Gol’s cameras.

Joao Felix‘s reaction suddenly changed after this comment, which led him to back Griezmann.

“You should have more respect for Griezmann,” Joao Felix replied.

There was one more retort from the Atleti fan, as he once again asked Joao Felix to injure Griezmann.

“Don’t forget to go for Griezmann‘s shin, Joao,” the fan responded.


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