Joanna Gaines Revealed Why Learning Her Mother’s ‘Full Holiday Meal’ for Thanksgiving Was ‘Hard’


For many years, Joanna Gaines tried to get her mother’s “full holiday meal” for Thanksgiving down to a process. but the former perfectionist said she had difficulty getting the recipes because of how her mom likes to cook. Here’s how she eventually pulled it off.

Joanna Gaines (R) and Sam Ponder (L) | Craig Barritt/Getty Images for HarperCollins

Joanna Gaines had a hard time getting her mother’s holiday meal recipes because she cooks ‘to taste’ and ‘wings it every time’

On instagram, Joanna shared that she was only recently able to get her mother’s traditional Thanksgiving recipes. “For years I’ve wanted to write down my mom’s full holiday meal that she has made since I was little,” she wrote along with photos of their time together.


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