Jimmy Kimmel buried online for stealing Quinta Brunson’s moment

Jimmy Kimmel faced harsh criticism on the Internet because many people believe that the comedy he and Will Arnett did like emcees stole Fifth Brunson thunder.

AT Emmy Awards on Monday evening, Arnett and Kimmel presented an award for Outstanding Letter for Comedy series.

When he claimed that Kimmel had drunk too many margaritas backstage, Arnett brought a “passed out” Kimmel onto the stage and placed him next to the microphone stand.

Even though Brunson sarcastically yelled, “Jimmy, wake up. I won,” after Arnett announced her name as the winner and she took the stage, Kimmel continued to joke.

When Brunson finished her performance, Jimmy sat quite close to her, making it nearly impossible for the show’s producers to photograph her without him.

Twitter reaction to Jimmy Kimmel

After the incident Twitter went crazy with people expressing their disapproval of Kimmel’s choice by writing something along the lines of “Jimmy Kimmel should apologize to Quinta, but the confusing part is that every image of her receiving her award gets his ass kicked.” White men are really annoying.”

The privilege of white men, in the words of one speaker, is to “lay on the ground and expect a black woman to just walk around you when she accepts her hard-earned reward.”

However, Brunson didn’t appear to be bothered by the situation, telling reporters after the show, “I think at that point I was just really happy that Jimmy was there… I don’t know, tomorrow maybe I will.” I will be angry with him. I’ll be at his show on Wednesday so I can punch him in the face. I dont know. Let’s see what happens.”


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