Jimmy Butler, the reason why Shaquille O’Neal’s honeymoon ended with Charles Barkley


B.before Golden State Warriors fans took their seats in the Western Conference Finals on Wednesday night against Dallas Mavericksthey witnessed a violent confrontation near the Chase Center.

During the TNT pre-game show Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal entered into a lively discussion about the Eastern Conference Series.

It all happened because Jimmy Butler scored 41 points.

In response to Jimmy Butlers 41 points in Game 1 on Tuesday, beating Boston CelticsO’Neal said the Miami Heat star could hit 40 again “with or without Marcus Smart.”

Barkley and Kenny Smith tried to convince Shaq that Smart, coming back from a right midfoot sprain, would prevent Butler from repeating the performance.

“Harder to score for the best defender of the year, fool!” Barkley exclaimed.

Video of the war between Barkley and Shaq

But the giant did not change his mind.

“Jimmy Butler is a great player,” Shaq said. “If he wants to get to 40, he can go to 40..”

O’Neill told Barkley to ask Dikembe Mutombo if he had trouble scoring against the Defensive Player of the Year in the postseason. Pointing out that they don’t talk about his playing skills, Barkley accused Shaq of playing coattails. Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant.

Wade, who was sitting right there, laughed, Ernie Johnson struggled to get the segment back on track. Johnson ordered them both to press a button on their microphones to turn them off, but Barkley and Shaq continued to bicker as TNT went into commercial break.


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