Jesulín de Ubrique reappears without María José Campanario, but with a female company

Víctor Janeiro fought in the bullring of Villamartín and moved there Jesulin Deubric Come to support my brother. An appearance after a few weeks of absence is very important, because the right-hander is not accompanied by Maria José Campanario, but is accompanied by a blonde girl who has never been separated from her. . The matador did not want to make a statement at the entrance or exit of the stadium, but he noticed his companion during the celebration.

Víctor Janeiro and his family live in this city of Cadiz, so bullfighting is very special. His wife is also in the audience, Beatrice Traport, He and Jesulín want to report on the matador. The two eldest children in the marriage did not disappear. Brenda is too young to go to the bullring. She is not there, but there must be a good afternoon waiting to see her father in the ring. He is taken care of by his grandmother Carmen.

Jesulín de Ubrique and her friends at Villamartín / Gtres

This is an important day because after a long interruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the youngest of the brothers put on the light suit again. Bullfighting is not bad at all, because when the task was completed, the noble man raised his white handkerchief. For various reasons, Jesús Janeiro also had a good time.First for the good work of his dear brother, and second for him Group bath happened. The people who participated in the Villamartin bullring recognized him immediately and asked him for some photos without hesitation.

None of this has been separated from his mysterious companion. She and Jesulin exchanged trust in the afternoon and were very collusive.

Jesulín is true to his premise of silence in front of the media. Whether it is at the entrance of the paddock or the exit of the paddock, he thinks it is not suitable to answer reporters’ questions. He only answered how he thought of his brother, an answer that was comfortable for him, because it did not touch any aspect related to his privacy.

Talk in silence Maria Jose CampanarioFor a long time, his fibromyalgia seems to have been controlled because it accumulated for several months without hospitalization. The last time we saw the couple together was on June 4th, which coincided with going to Madrid to record a show. challenge.

The visit to the capital also helped to be with his daughterJulia Gianello, Installed there just after reaching adult age. 2021 will be remembered, because of the incubation of the daughter of Campanario and Jesus, she has become a real influencer. This young woman has more than 192,000 followers on Instagram, and she is becoming one of the most followed profile.

In this social network, Julia Janeiro confessed to some of the most immediate challenges she faced, as well as part of her character: “I think I should control my impulses more and think about it before doing things,” she said, even though she He also added that it was “very affectionate. When I love someone, I will do my best for that person. I am no longer as proud or resentful as before.”

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