Jessica Bueno: her shocking reaction to the announcement of Jota Peleteiro


Jota Peleteiro has confirmed the rumors that have flooded the main digital headers of the social chronicle. The former soccer player has confirmed through a statement on his social networks, the separation of his still wife, the model jessica bueno and the start of divorce proceedings in a decision that seems to have no turning back. Thus, he explained to his followers with a special request: «After a period of reflection and two months of physical separation, and in order to avoid misunderstandings, we want to state that We have decided to formalize our divorce amicably. We are left with the good times we lived, wanting to maintain a good relationship, with the happiness and well-being of our children being our priority. We request that our privacy be respected at this sensitive time.”

Jessica Bueno and Jota Peleteiro.

Some words full of good intentions that only Jota published (unlike other jerks who choose to do it together), and that have come after hours of intense rumors in which there has even been talk of third parties in the life of the Galician . The first information came over the weekend after a well-known television program sparked a serious personal crisis. The collaborator Amor Romeira was thrown into the television arenas confirming that, according to her information, Peleteiro would already live in Bilbao with the woman who, according to what they say, has stolen his heart. The third in contention, which according to what they point out is called Silvia, and Jota would have met during the athlete’s getaway to Ibiza and since then they have become inseparable, “to the point that she could work for him. A new life that has caused Jessica to be navigating one of the worst moments of her life, as her most intimate circle has come to highlight.

Jota and Jessica Bueno / Instagram
Jota and Jessica Good.

However, far from sitting idly by and echoing the same statement published by her ex-partner (in which she speaks of an amicable divorce and is written in the first person plural), Jessica Bueno has stood out and released Jota’s hand making various publications on his Instagram account that have added fuel to the fire if possible. Just a few hours after Jota Peleteiro’s shocking post, the model shared two stories that speak for themselves. The first with a powerful phrase that draws what for her has been her relationship with Jota after the gesture of the ex-soccer player: «We all deserve love that is good, healthy, reciprocal, stable»and the second with a sentence that seems to advance that this is not the only chapter of disagreement between the two that there will be more chapters to discover: “The truth only has one way.”

A full stop 2.0 that adds to an important number of intriguing publications in which Jessica dropped, thanks to the messages with which she accompanied them, that she was not going through an easy time personally. Some veiled warnings in which no one came to discover that her marriage was failing, despite the fact that the romantic photographs of both were conspicuous by their absence for weeks. So all eyes are on Jessica, will Jessica pronounce about her particular vision after Jota’s step forward? Is it true that the former athlete has found love again?


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