Jerry Jones: Cowboys owner says Duck Prescott will miss less than four games with injury


Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys said the owner and CEO 105.3 A fan in Dallas that Duck Prescott the surgery went better than expected and that he would be able to return to the game in less than four weeks.rather than the 6-8 week period originally reported in the media.

The Cowboys owner stated that Prescott will not be included in the injured list after the operation, as it will cause him to miss at least four games. and the franchise is looking forward to a potential return for its Week 5 matchup against the Super Bowl champions, the Los Angeles Rams, on October 9th.

“If we thought he wouldn’t be ready to play until four games through, we would put him on IR. We don’t do that,” Jones explained to The Fan.

Jones added that because the team believes that Prescott will be able to recover, they don’t want him to just train, but rather prepare with his teammates. for every game.

“We’ll see how he handles this thing, how it heals, basically his strength, how he can grab the ball, [will determine] what is his status. Is not [being] optimist The proof is that we did a good operation, got a good technique and feel better than on Sunday evening.”

Dallas Cowboys QB Prescott on hand injury: another bump in the road

Duck Prescott’s operation was a success

On Monday, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott underwent surgery to have a plate placed on his right thumb to help stabilize his joint. what he knows is to make sure his wounds heal properly, which is the first step in his recovery.

After wound healing Prescott will have to work on his grip strength, and the plate will strengthen his bone..

“Duck has a real chance of getting back in the game and throwing the ball pretty fast,” Jones said.

Who will start for the Cowboys as quarterback at the same time

Following the announcement that Dak Prescott would be returning in less than four weeks, now the question is who will take his place while he recovers from surgery, and the answer is Cooper of the QBs on the Cowboys practice team.

Cooper Rush came into play last Sunday after Duck Prescott had to go to the locker room. for evaluation after his injury.

Rush will see another Cowboys practice quarterback as his stand-in, as Will Grier was named second in the team’s depth table and Jerry Jones has confidence in he claims they know the crime well.

“They had a lot of representatives and therefore this gives us the best chance. It’s unlikely since we don’t have a potential deal pending – neither pending nor in progress – it’s unlikely that you’ll have a veteran quarterback who can come back here and be ready to play as well as these guys can play, even if you think you might have a talent advantage,” the owner of The Fan said.


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