Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoa faces a terrible tragedy when he learns of his brother’s possible murder.


JEremaya Owusu-Koramoa, who plays linebacker for the Cleveland Browns, has faced his worst sadness after returning from a football camp on the African continent to learn of the death of his older brother, who was apparently the victim of a fire.

exemplary relationship

Joshua Emmanuel came to play linebacker for William & Mary and forged a great relationship in real life with his younger brother, who still won’t explain what happened as a police report says the body of the deceased was found on Tuesday in a burned-out house in the Hamptons. Virginia.

Drew Barker, a former high school classmate who knew the two brothers for many years, said they were virtually inseparable and only football could separate them as Jeremiah made it to the NFL.

“I don’t know anyone who could be closer than these two. And if Josh wasn’t around Jeremiah, I would root for him on TV, sending prayers for him to succeed,” he recalled.

sensitive victim

Upon learning of the tragedy faced by the Owusu-Koramoa family, Mike London, coach of William & Mary, the institution that Joshua Owusu-Koramoa represented in 2016, called the 23-year-old a model man.

“He was a man of deep faith who was committed to helping others and was always a positive force in his time within our football program. His tragic loss will be felt by many in the William & Mary and Hampton communities,” he said. .


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