Jennifer Lopez reveals the real reason she didn’t mention her relationship with Alex Rodriguez in her new documentary


Jennifer Lopez or JLo and Alex Rodriguez, or just Arod, were the talk of the town when they got together in 2017. You’ve seen pictures of them all over the place, but now that they’ve gone their separate ways, they’ve been very reserved about their opinion of the breakup.


The celebrity couple got engaged in 2019 and the news spread like wildfire as JLO divorced their children’s father Marc Anthony and Arod appeared in the picture. After the engagement, things were going great for them, until rumors of infidelity began to circulate, and then the inevitable happened.


Jennifer Lopez announces engagement to Ben Affleck

They were supposed to get married in 2021 however it looks like fate had other plans for them as they had to break up and they made a huge splash with their separation and New Yorkers were very disappointed.


After the breakup, the couple went on with their lives, Arod is dating again and she is re-engaged to Ben Affleck.


Now she has big plans, she says in her new documentary titled Halftime on Netflix, and there is no mention of ARod in it at all.

“I lived in front of the public. One of the things I’m proud of is that I can hold my own in front of everyone and no one knows how I feel. Even now, I’m not going to get what my relationship was like.”

Be your own home

“But in how it relates to me and the journey I’ve been through. I had to understand that the key was not so much in other people, but in yourself. home, but make your own home.”


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