Jennifer Lopez criticizes the Supreme Court: we live in an America that I don’t recognize


YesInger and celebrity Jennifer Lopez joined many influential figures in voicing their concerns about women’s rights and equality in United States.

This came after the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was not a constitutional right.

“We live in an American that I don’t recognize” lopez — said in the message in Instagram.

“I support you and for the rights of women in this country.”

The Supreme Court ruled that gnaws against Wade can no longer be used as an argument that the right to abortion is constitutionally protected.

“The Constitution does not give the right to abortion; gnaws as well as Casey cancelled; and the power to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives,” the court said.

This means that each state can now enact its own abortion measures, meaning many will have no choice but to travel to another state if they want to have an abortion.

lopez it was the last dignitary to speak out as the 52-year-old joined the movement criticizing the decision.


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