Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married in Las Vegas


BUTafter many years of failed romances, rumors, failed engagements and many, many tears, one of the most famous couples in the world – Jennifer Lopez as well as Ben Affleck – had a happy ending when they finally tied the knot in Las Vegas.

A day after receiving permission to marry, the couple confirmed their love, read each other’s vows and are now officially married.

Sources told TMZ, J Lo as well as Affleck tied the knot in the Nevada desert.

Wedding 20 years in progress

The couple got engaged in 2002 but separated two years later. In 2021, they met again and only got engaged last April.

As of now, neither of them has confirmed their engagement on their social media accounts.

According to TMZ, they had access to legal documents from the state of Nevada to confirm the marriage, which took place in complete confidentiality.

It all started three months ago

Unlike two decades ago, when the couple got engaged in 2002 and broke up before they even made it to the altar, in this case the couple got the better of the line.

J Lo as well as Affleck she hurried everything and just three months after the marriage proposal was announced, the couple got married.


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