Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are preparing for a new addition to the family


JAnnifer Lopez and Ben Affleck paparazzi were spotted walking the streets of Los Angeles with J. Lo and Mark Anthony14 year old twins Max and Emme.

However, this is not news. Remarkably, the couple, apparently, is ready to accept a new family member.

Affleck, Lopez and her children walked out of the animal shelter with a box containing the pet, although it is not known which animal they chose.

The visit was published by Mail Online following their wedding at Affleck’s Georgia mansion and their honeymoon in Italy.

The pair were also spotted on a US Labor Day holiday this Monday.

JLo reflects on his wedding to Ben Affleck

The Latino star has posted several reflections on her latest marriage on social media, where she talks about the importance of not only love between couples, but also how to attract children.

“We didn’t just get married to each other, we brought these kids together into a new family,” said J. Lo, who was heartbroken after all five of her children were part of the wedding party.


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