Jennifer Aniston says goodbye to her father: “I will love you until the end”


Jennifer Aniston He is going through a delicate moment when he has to face the death of his father. Also an actor, John Anthony Aniston, has lost his life at the age of 89. His death took place last Friday, but it was not until this Monday when his daughter drew strength from weakness to tell her Instagram followers, through an emotional post.

The interpreter of friends has announced the death of his father by opening his most intimate photo album. Images even from when she was a baby in her father’s arms, accompanied by a nice farewell message that proves that the two had a very close bond: “Sweet dad… John Anthony Aniston. You were one of the most beautiful humans I have ever met. I’m so thankful that you took to the skies in peace and without pain. And 11/11 no less! You always had the perfect moment. That number will always have even greater meaning to me now. I will love you until the end of time. Don’t forget to visit », she writes.

The wave of reactions has not been long in coming. Well-known faces of the cinema such as Kaley Cuoco, Naomi Watts or Lily Alridge have wanted to leave a comment in the form of energy and “much love”. Although the event took place three days ago, Jennifer Aniston has needed several days to be with her family and say goodbye to her father as she deserved.

Jennifer Aniston on the red carpet.

Although he was not so popular in Spain, John Anthony Aniston was one of the big names in the United States. There he starred the days of our lives, a telenovela with a lot of media coverage on the other side of the pond. She also participated in other projects such as the Gilmore Girls, Mad Men either the west wing.

The father and daughter connection experienced a most special moment not too long ago. It was last July when Jennifer Aniston presented her own father with the Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize her extensive career. An unbeatable opportunity to pay tribute to her figure: «This is an opportunity, not only to pay tribute to a true icon in the world of television, but also to recognize the achievements of a lifetime of a respected actor, who is also my father. His career is literally the definition of success,” Aniston said during her pre-trophy speech.

In this way, Jennifer Aniston is completely orphaned. Six years ago she saw her mother die. actress and model Nancy Dowpassed away at the age of 79, in 2016. Her parents divorced when she was a child, but Brad Pitt’s ex has always had a much closer relationship with her father, whom she has now said goodbye to forever, but It will stay with her at all times.


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