Jennette McCurdy reveals why she was jealous of Ariana Grande


Jennette McCurdy releases it all through her new “I’m glad my mother died‘, she had made revelation after revelation since her stay in Nickelodeon. Apparently, she didn’t live the glamorous life that we all thought. For her, it was a living hell, but not for one of her main partners: Ariana Grande.

McCurdy receives support from many former Nickelodeon stars thanks to this book, but nothing from Ariana. This lack of support is obviously due to her revelations in the book. ‘icarli“The star didn’t hide anything to explain the main reason she not only hated but envied Ariana Grande when they shared the screen on the one-season show,”Sam and Kat‘.

McCurdy started getting many job opportunities, but her contract and lack of fame kept her from going to countless auditions. despite Ariana Grande, who was already a star and was forgiven if she had to miss taping the show due to other commitments. It was on one such occasion, when Ariana Grande was denied an audition, that she was allowed to skip filming.

That’s when McCurdy completely burst. In her book, she made sure the reader knew that she was angry at Grande for having a higher star status than she had at the time. Although, Ariana Grande it’s still more box office than Kurdi’s because she’s stayed in the industry.

McCurdy was jealous of Ariana Grande

Here is what Jennette McCurdy wrote in her candid book about her envy of Ariana Grande: “I booked two features during ‘iCarly’ which I had to cancel because the ‘iCarly’ team didn’t sign me out of the episodes to go film them. Are you joking?

“So I have to turn down movies while Ariana whistles in Billboard Music Awards? Fk. Este. I’m mad at this. I’m mad at her. I envy her. For several reasons. So now every time she misses work, it’s like a personal attack. … From that moment on, I didn’t like her. I couldn’t like her.”


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