Jenna Ortega Admits Her First Crush Was Barack Obama


These days, Jenna Ortega doesn’t find herself star-struck all that often. The wednesday star’s work as an actor puts her in close proximity to all types of celebrities and public figures. However, even Ortega’s resume of her did not make her immune to having a celebrity crush when she was a young kid. But unlike some of her peers de ella, Ortega’s first crush de ella was n’t a singer, actor, or dancer but rather a politician. Interestingly enough, Ortega’s first crush on her was former President Barack Obama.

Jenna Ortega | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

Jenna Ortega started crushing on Barack Obama at a young age

Ortega was only six years old when Obama first took office and 10 when his second term began. But her young age did not stop her from crushing on the Hawaiian-born politician. She recalls being fascinated by his every move from him and doing research to learn more about him. Recently, Ortega was a guest on the 20 Questions: On Deadline podcast, and she revealed this hilarious tidbit.


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