Jempoy riders almost have an accident while flexing “Kamote moves”


Jempoy cyclists win reactions online for flexing “Kamote moves” on public roads

A group of jempoy cyclists almost get into an accident while showing off their driving skills and ‘kamote’ moves on public roads.

Over the years, traffic accident It has been one of the most common traffic problems that occur not only in the Philippines but also in various places around the world. It usually leads to traffic jams, injuries and even the death of the people involved.

The national government is implementing a stricter traffic policy to reduce the increasing cases of road and vehicle accidents, but there are still many reckless drivers violate traffic laws, which could lead to accidents.

The “Visor” Facebook page has shared video footage of a group of jempoy cyclists who nearly got into an accident while demonstrating their riding skills on a public road. The video generated various reactions from users of social networks.

In the video you can see that motorcyclists have started rolling down the road. Everything seemed fine until some of them started going off the bike lane and using it for bigger vehicles.

Irresponsible cyclists even tried to filter traffic by using the motor vehicle lane, which is strictly prohibited. The group repeatedly violated traffic rules and regulations for their own benefit.

One of the motorcyclists even disrespected the pedestrian lane and ran a red light. A traffic agent tried to apprehend him but they immediately fled to avoid receiving fines and fines.

Reckless motorcyclists are almost hit by other vehicles for being irresponsible on public roads. Cyclists continue to drive recklessly.

Here is the full post:

Hindi ba talaga pwedeng hulihin ang mga ‘to?

The online community expressed their reactions to the incident:

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