JellyCar Worlds PC Release Date, Gameplay & More


After over a decade, the JellyCar series is back with a brand new entry: JellyCar Worlds. The game’s lively environment with almost pencil-colored backgrounds was created to feel like an animated book that comes to life.

I got a taste of the creative, toy-like nature while playing the next few levels of JellyCar Worlds during our hands-on preview.

JellyCar offers the ideal mix of platforms and high-speed racing on a chaotic track. Your goal is to reach the summit while driving the racing car that has been damaged by falls and bumps.

Whether you need to go through a small pass or jump over a big mountain, your car will be adjusted to your demands. You will appreciate the game for its demonic speed, great mechanics and stunning graphics. The track editor is also included, allowing you to make your own tunes by yourself or with friends.

JellyCar Worlds PC Release Date


Demagogue and Rogue Games create and release video games. The JellyCar Worlds Pc trailer was revealed by the developers at the 2022 Summer Game Festival and immediately caught the attention of visitors due to the game’s numerous features.

The game is expected to be released on December 22. Nothing has been said about the formats it will be used in, but given the developers’ previous release histories and the prevalence of indie games, we’re almost certain PC will be one of them.

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JellyCar Worlds

JellyCar Worlds distinguishes itself from other car games by being a puzzle platformer rather than focusing on engine features or arcade racing features.

Each orb has a different strategy to finish it off, and the player’s choice of power-ups allows their Jellycar to travel in bizarre ways. Get a blower to blow up the vehicle, it makes it easier to climb higher platforms. If you use your ability to inflate at the right time, you can blow up the car to access new locations.

Wanna fly high? Crawl into a balloon to be lifted off the ground. To complete each level, you will need different sets of power-ups that keep you from getting comfortable maneuvering your JellyCar in this lively environment.

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JellyCar Worlds

JellyCar Worlds players can guess the customization options for various game vehicles. As you acquire new types of patterns, you can scribble on them to change colors and patterns.

All the sound effects in the game are also done verbally, which is one of the first things you will notice about the game.

You will have the possibility to add your own sound effects, so the JellyCar Worlds game you play may be unique compared to other versions.

Whether you have experience with JellyCar or just want to get started, there are lots of exciting things to look forward to on your next great journey.


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