Jeff Rogers okc useless and obituary, Cowboy Ranch owner dies


It is with pleasant misfortune that we learned of the passing of Jeff Rogers, a longtime restaurant and nightclub operator in the Oklahoma Metropolis. Unfortunately, its dining establishments were forced to close due to unpaid debts and taxes. Pause learning for an additional fee

Who was Jeff Rogers?

Jeff Rogers owned Cowboy Ranch, Rocking Nation Bar @CowboyRanchOkc. Jeff Rogers was an avid Oklahoma Metropolis resident and passionate owner in the hospitality industry. He left his mark on the native space by opening the Cowboy Ranch Bar, one of his most profitable institutions

Having been in the hospitality business for several years, Jeff brought with him a wealth of experience and artistic ideas that helped shape the Oklahoma Metropolis skyline. His contribution was enormous and will not soon be forgotten.

How did Jeff Rogers die? What was the cause of his death

Jeff Rogers, the owner of the Cowboy Ranch, sadly handed over on December 9, 2022, for pure reasons, as confirmed by lawyer Elaine Dowling. According to courtroom records, Rogers had financial difficulties with the settlement of his bar’s lease, which began on July 13, 2020. Court records indicate that he was behind in raising the required funds for the rental of the shares and did not submit the January 2021 research to the August 2022, suggesting that these problems were escalating just before his death.

Tribute to the death of Jeff Rogers

Edward Pulido

Heartbroken! Regardless of the talk and negative feedback on social media, Jeff Rogers
he looked after many including my daughter and my household whenever we visited his institutions. He talked to me all the time and gave us love. This is an optimistic measurement that we will keep in mind.
With this in mind, he had many companions and followers identical to mine. At the end of the day, he personally respected my service and dedication at all times. I will always remember this about Jeff
At this level, we should show respect to his heritage and family. Nobody ever wants to lose a loved one. It hurts! I know, I just lost my daddy! And at the end of the day we will always remember our beloved
As individuals and as partners, let us be respectful and honorable throughout all the troubles for his family. Jeff has done his best, positively and negatively for many. It’s not for me or anyone else to judge. God is the one doing it! At the end of the day, like every American, let’s enjoy his life and friendship as we move on. This is what we’re known for. It’s the right factor to do
May God bless Jeff’s family and his beloved spouse during this time of sadness. Relaxation assured that his spouse’s life and her future endeavors would not be a simple moving forward. Life and all the things that surround it generally suck! But at the end of the day, God is on everyone’s side. It is he who tells us what time to go and what time your life ends. Because of this, we honor and cherish the blessings of love and life that God brings to us

Privately, Karen Conner Pulido and Kaitlin Pulido will always remember this present. This photo with my buddy who crossed the decision to be responsible for my household will never be forgotten
Once again, Jeff has been good to us on this OU Soccer day in Norman today. No matter what was going on in his life that day, he gave us love and focus. Me and my family will always remember this.
Good luck! I love you America! Be good and be grateful! Each of us has a coming day! . . ! . . the day is coming!

Dee Downer

Unhappy unhappy unhappy.

Cameron probability
Prayers for all his household and spouses

Fans of Vanderslice
I have a broken heart! I can’t imagine those horrible people broke it!! He would give everything he had to anyone. So unhappy that this is the world we stay in. Goodbye friend 😢

Application: We would like to extend our deepest condolences to the household and associates of Jeff Rogers at this difficult time. As word of his passing spread throughout OKC, it’s clear he left a beautiful legacy as an enthusiastic entrepreneur who truly cared about serving others and elevating their lives to the next level. Could he relax in peace, knowing how much he meant to so many here at OKC.


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