Javier Lopez Madrid (compiyogui de la Reina)’s mother dies


A heavy blow to the family Javier Lopez MadridThe businessman’s mother, Leonor Madrid Ávila, died in Madrid on November 10th, as described in his family’s obituary published in the ABC newspaper. A piece of news plunged the family into great grief, and just two years ago, they had to face another heavy loss: one of their brothers, Germán, died at the age of 60.

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Although the funeral has been held in the family pantheon of the El Pardo Cemetery with the strictest privacy, the funeral is scheduled to be held in the church in early December. Our Lady of Cana in Pozuelo de Alarcón. Although it is too early to know who the funeral attendant is, the truth is that it would be no surprise if members of His Royal Highness the King were able to attend, as it had already happened in the case of Germán’s farewell.

The brother of Javier López Madrid died in Pamplona in the summer of 2019 Due to liver diseaseHe is one of the most famous figures in the business world of our country. He was the president of Volvo Spain and was also a senior consultant of the company. Although not as popular as his brother Javier, the Kings, especially Dona Letizia , Maintaining a special friendship. When the communication related to the practice of the sport and the information he calls his “partner” are made public, this relationship will go beyond.In fact, there is no shortage of German funerals Infantas Elena and Christina, Which also coincides with Jaime de Maricharal, No one wants to support his family in this difficult time.

The King at the Funeral / Gtres

Despite the name Javier Lopez Madrid He is notorious for exchanging information with the Queen. In fact, the businessman has always maintained a close relationship with Don Felipe, which dates back several years. Don Felipe and the businessman are classmates At Rosales school, but because of the scandal that plagued him, the king severed ties with him.

Javier López Madrid has a serious face / Gtres.

In addition, last year, his daughter Silvia married Pablo Valdenebro in one of the most anticipated weddings of the season, although at first it was thought that Don Felipe and Lady Letizia They will participate in the link, and in the end, the king did not attend.

In addition to the heavy blow caused by the death of his mother, there are also various open fronts that Javier López Madrid has maintained in recent years, such as his arrest in the Lezo case or the confrontation with Dr. Elisa Pinto.

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