Javier García Isac tells the unequivocal truth of the PSOE story

The story of the PSOE could have been very different. It could be full of moments of pride for the members of this party and of social achievements that its leaders could have taken advantage of. Its historical leaders have had unique and irreplaceable opportunities to make history with a capital letter, but they have opted, in the vast majority of cases, for the shortcut of deception, lies, misrepresentation and corruption.

Javier Garcia Isaac takes as a common thread the history of the Socialist Party from its foundation to the present day and covers the darkest episodes of the organization in Criminal history of the Socialist Party. A book that was not born to be “neutral” or “equidistant”, but rather aims to analyze the history of a party that, for better or for worse, is closely linked to the history of the Spain for almost 150 years. .

On May 2, 1879, Pablo Iglesias founded the PSOE. In 1910, he obtained parliamentary representation and, during the session of July 7 of the same year, the socialist asserted against Antonio Maura, leader of the Conservative Party and former President of the Council of Ministers: “We have reached the extreme of consider that, before the SS comes to power, it is necessary to go as far as a personal attack”. Two weeks later, Maura suffers an attack at a train station. Quite a declaration of intent from the founder of the organization during his first parliamentarian.

The history of the PSOE, from this moment, is full of criminal episodes. Behind him, during almost fifty years of democracy, he drags a history of scandals, generally economic, which are masterfully reassembled by Javier García Isac. A journalist whose raw and direct language has made him a reference in the world of communication. This book is not suitable for all audiences. This is not a “nice” story to be read by those who are only looking for entertainment, it is for those who want to discover the truth, without ambiguity.