Japan’s controversial goal: FIFA explains the referee’s decision



Soccer’s governing body FIFA has released video evidence showing the ball did not fully cross the line in Japan’s second goal against Spain, after the goal sparked heated debate among soccer fans.

The referee initially disallowed the goal before it was reviewed by the video assistant referee and declared a goal.

Ao Tanaka’s goal became the decisive factor that toppled the table and gave Japan the winning spot in the knockout stage.

Many, including soccer experts, were stunned by the decision after broadcast footage showed the ball crossed the white line.

However, VAR was given access to multiple angles from cameras positioned in line with the baseline, and video assistants concluded that those angles, which FIFA finally revealed in a tweet on Friday, were final.

Not everyone is happy with VAR, which reduces human errors made by referees.

Japan will play their round of 16 against Croatia on December 5.


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