Japanese purring cat hugging pillows evolve into an even higher form of virtual pet【Photos】


Premium MeowEver gives you the warmth, softness, shape and even weight of cuddling your house cat you can’t have.

It’s an unfortunate fact that “people who love cats” and “people who might have a cat” are two groups that don’t always overlap perfectly. Maybe you live in an apartment where pets are not allowed, you have a family member who is allergic, or you are just not sure if you will be able to adequately devote the time and energy to give cats the proper care from their human servants, as it is their apparent birthright.

But even if you’re someone who wants a cat but can’t have one, you can still experience the soul-soothing comfort of a cat-kitten nap with MeowEver’s new Japanese Premium Pillow.

Yes, the promotional image says “MeowEver Premium” instead of “Premium MeowEver”, and MeowEver itself is based on the designers’ less than certain understanding of the difference between “forever” and “forever”, as the concept was to create a cat that could always be on your side page. However, on matters that matter, the MeowEver team has done a great job with the design, which itself is an update to the original MeowEver that was released last year.

▼ Original MeowEver (top) and Premium MeowEver (bottom)

For starters, the new version’s proportions have been reworked to more closely resemble the shape of a dozing cat, with a more pronounced curve at the neck and plumper body contours.

The material has also been refined to more closely resemble cat fur. Using synthetic “eco fur” designed in Wakayama Prefecture by Okada Textile in collaboration with Mitsubishi, Premium MeowEver fibers are fluffier and smoother than its first generation counterpart.

The Premium model also includes other clever realistic touches from the original MeowEver such as a compartment for a heated gel pack and speakers that reproduce the heartbeat and purr of a catproviding both physical and emotional warmth when cuddling.

As with the first MeowEver, Premium MeowEver is being offered via a Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake, and once again scored his goal. With over a month left, the campaign has now raised over 8 million yen (approximately US$57,500), far exceeding its target of 565,600 yen.

There are 34 days left until the end of the Makuake Premium MeowEver crowdfunding campaign and it can be found here, with pillow prize tiers starting at 15,675 yen. Between that and new Japanese sheets that resemble petting a cat, cat lovers should rest easy this winter.

Source: PR times, Makuake
Top photo: Makuake
Insert images: PR Times, Makuake
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