Japanese fish that beat Pokémon Sapphire withdraw from video game streaming【Video】


The end of a line of player fish that has become one of the best.

Few weeks ago, Pokémon anime protagonist Ash/Satoshi finally fulfilled his dream of winning the Pokémon World Championship. After this was achieved, some fans speculated that Ash would step down as the anime’s main character, but that doesn’t seem to be where the series is headed.

However, there are a few other world-renowned master Pokémon Trainers who will be retiring this month: the Pokémon a fish playing video games from the Japanese YouTube channel Mutekimaru Channel.

▼ One of Mutekimaru’s fish fighting the Legendary Pokémon Kyogre

Mutekimaru channel first caught Pokémon fans attention in the summer of 2020 when he began showing videos of Siamese fighting fish swimming around a tank visually divided into separate sections. Each of these sections was mapped to correspond to a button input on a controller for the Nintendo GameCube with the 2002 game Pokémon Sapphire, thus allowing the fish to play the game.

Over the next two and a half years, Mutekimaru Channel’s team of water players earned gym badges, discovered glitches that humans had been unable to do for nearly two decades, and finally completed Sapphirebecoming true Pokémon Masters.

It’s been an incredibly touching ride (or swim), but now it’s coming to an end, as Mutekimaru’s channel duly announced in Pokémon Sapphirestyle video.

“Oh Mutekimaru! Howdy?” he asks the older man to the Pokémon Trainer, and the rest of the conversation goes:

“I heard you quit your job and haven’t updated your YouTube channel at all. What is it?…Hmm…I see…It seems like you made this decision after much thought. So anyway, if I hear you right, you’re shutting down the Pokémon-playing fish project, right?


“Hmm… well, that’s understandable. You’ve worked really hard for this for the last two years. Anything else you want to say to everyone?


“Hmm.. I see.. so you want to say “Thank you everyone for watching so far?”


“Yeah… letting people know you appreciate them is a good thing. Something else?”


“OK… you did the final sequence and you want everyone to watch it? All right. But it’s as badly edited as all your other films, isn’t it? Well, we’re getting close to the end, so I’ll show everyone anyway.

▼ The final sequence (despite the self-deprecating introduction, the montage is not bad at all)

Mutekimaru more seriously directs viewers through a direct message during sequences.

“I started this channel when the pandemic was really bad. I had a lot of free time living at home and started because I wanted more fun video content. I thought I’d probably close it in six months, but thanks to your support, I’ve been able to continue until now.

However, Mutekimaru’s fish tanks and gaming and video creation equipment currently occupy a whole room in his house, but soon he will be passing through “lifestyle change” and there won’t even be room for fish habitat, so he made the decision to shut down his YouTube channel.

Don’t worry about the fish though. They will go to their new home at Mutekimaru’s parents’ house, where the family will look after them and he will still be able to visit them when he comes to visit. He also posted a detailed video about the design of the system that allowed his fish to play video games, so if anyone wants to pick up the coat he leaves behind, here’s how to get started.

On the plus side, while Mutekimaru won’t be posting any new videos on his channel, his old ones will remain. He is also planning a special farewell video that will be broadcast on Mutekimaru’s channel here December 11 at 18:00.

Source: Direct correspondence
Paintings: YouTube/むてきまるちゃんねる -Mutekimaru’s Channel-
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