Japan protests Shinzo Abe’s state funeral: ‘He doesn’t deserve’ and a banner next to Hitler


This ex-prime minister assassinated Shinzo Abe Attacked Japan on July 8.When he held a rally on a street in Nara city Yamashin Tetsuyaunemployed ex-militaryshot him twice in the back homemade gunDespite the impact, seriousness or historic nature of the event, hundreds took to the streets of Tokyo on Tuesday to protest a state funeral in honor of the leader.

Protesters gathered in Hibiya Park and marched towards the Nippon Budokan where the funeral was held, with banners calling for an “immediate” end to the celebrations. “I am against anyone’s state funeral because it violates democracy,” reported an Efe agency that accused Abe of “destroying democracy” in Japan.

[Obituario: Shinzo Abe, el hombre que quiso restituir el honor perdido de Japón]

“Praising Abe is a ritual that cannot be allowed,” said the Tokyo native, who is critical of the current government. Kishida Fumio, the Liberal Democratic Party like Abe. “Personally, I don’t think Abe deserves a funeral, even if he is a good man,” a woman who attended the demonstration also told Efe, which saw banners comparing Abe to Abe. Adolf Hitler.

More than half opposed

Neither of these two citizens, or all of the people who accompany them in central Tokyo, are isolated views. More than half of the Japanese oppose holding the event, state broadcaster NHK reported.

But the funeral has already been held, attended by 4,300 people, including 700 representatives of foreign and international organizations. Abe’s ashes have been transferred to Nippon Budokan.There, praise was read to his image, there was a minute’s silence, and flowers were offered, all covered by a huge safety equipment.

Four days after the private funeral was held at a Buddhist temple in the capital Tokyo, many Japanese were able to come to pay their respects. Current Prime Minister Kishida’s decision to form a new state government quickly turned against him, questioning public spending.



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