Jake Paul KOs Tyrone Woodley in Round 6 and remains undefeated


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12/19/2021 –

Jake “Problem Child” Paul (5-0-0, 4 KOs) fulfilled his promise to knock out Tyrone “The Chosen” Woodley (0-2-0) in a rematch on Saturday night on Amali Arena in Tampa, Florida.

Paul knocked out Woodley big right in the 6th round after the fight went through five rounds of head bangs, an MMA takedown and a lot of hugs. Woodley was not at home after Paul hooked up the right mower, looking at the camera and yelling, “I told you I was going to fuck him… “

One day, 39-year-old Woodley got up a few minutes later. regaining consciousness. I walked over to Paul to shake hands. The influential person thanked the ex Ufc champion for agreeing to the fight with two weeks’ notice after Tommy fury decided to quit school.

Paul called Nate Diaz and Jorge Masdival for leaving the arena after the knockout blow. 24 year old Youtube the star says he will fight anyone, any day, anywhere.

Jake Paul bleeds for the first time

Problem child seemed calm and level-headed during the first two rounds, but after Woodley’s random elbow landed on his forehead, Paul started bleed for the first time in his boxing career. While the blood slowed Paul down a bit, Woodley could not use situations, forcing the referee to work endlessly to beat the fighters when they kept hugging

Buos showered from the crowd in the fifth round, but were Eliminated by sighs and applause with 50 seconds remaining in the sixth round as Paul hit Woodley… The whistle was a sign of frustration from fans witnessing amateur boxing fight it even included a takedown in MMA.

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