Jags needs James Robinson to win, and Trevor Lawrence knows it


Trevor Lawrence behind the back of James Robinson. QB from Jacksonville Jaguars told the coaching staff that RB James robinson you need to play as much as possible.

“The bottom line is that James is one of our best players, and he needs to be on the field, and we solved this problem, and I feel that we are in a good position, and the whole team, we are doing well,” Lawrence said.

“I play the game and different things happen outside of the coaching decisions. I don’t really get into this, but I know and expressed my opinion: James is one of our best players, and he should be in the game. … “

After he groped for Atlanta, Robinson was sent to the bench 16 pieces… Also, James Robinson had a flop with the Los Angeles Rams last Sunday and the coaching staff tore him up. 20 pieces

Anyway, Urban Meyer said to Robinson, “you yourself sat on the bench.”

Meyer said that in case a player makes a mistake, he needs to go out for a few games. After you have been away for a certain amount of time, the position coach will “bring you back when the time is right.”

However, the words spoken by Urban contradict his actions.

Carlos Hyde fumbled with the Rams and never received the harsh punishment that Robinson did. Hyde was back on the field during the next offensive.

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