Jaenada: No one will come out to protest that we pay 10 times more for electricity, will we allow ourselves to be stepped on?


Oscar Jaenada presented in Spanish Film Festival in Malaga skin on firea film that takes us to an African country where photographer Frederic Salomon (Oscar Jaenada) has achieved great popularity thanks to capture the image of a girl flying through the air after the bomb explosion.


The action takes us twenty years later, when a famous photographer comes to the country for an award. In the hotel room, he will serve Hannah (Ella Kweku), local journalistwho, under the pretense of an interview with him intends to carry out his plan to kill him. At the same time, in another hotel room, we see Dr. Arellano (Fernando Tejero) blackmails another local in exchange for sex.

A scene from the film Skin on Fire.

Oscar Jaenada has not worked in Spain for many years, in fact in 2019 during an interview on this movie Submit Rambo: Last Blood It was quite critical of contemporary Spanish cinema. During an interview with Andrew Arconada at the Malaga festival, he explained the reason for his return with this film, skin on fire.

“When David Martin-Porras gave me the script and I read it, I asked him what you want to do with it because I’m doing my American career and it’s going really well.” Jaenada became a member of the project “To be lThe film for which I received the least in my entire career“. He needs, in his words, “to be turned on by the character that before the shooting he stays up all night because of nerves and goes to the shooting with an itch on his ass.”

Oscar Jaenada in Skin on Fire.

The manager’s response was I wanted to play, that process in which the actors look for the motivations of the characters, why they arrived at the situation they are interpreting, and not just reading the assigned phrases in the script. The fact that “the opportunity to work on history led me to Spain to return to filmmaking, currently we spent a lot of time for dinner announcement of projects and some for work”.

A still from the film “Skin on Fire” with Fernando Tejero.

For him, the main thing is that “the work is done well, It doesn’t matter if you do it for the stage, for the cinema or for the “television circus”.your character is your responsibility”. Another thing is the film, as it sometimes happened, “but it is not my responsibility.” Thus, “I protect my character, I did it with Shrimp, Cantinflas… although they criticized the films a lot.”

– Will they attack us?

Oscar Jaenada condemned in EsRadio “the blatant insults to which we are daily subjected as civilians, as a Spanish citizen“. As with “what they make us pay, they take from usthey give us, they make us believe… the abuse we experience every day and no one goes out to protest that we are paying 10 times more for electricity than last year, Nobody protests!“.

Arconada with Jaenada during an interview in Malaga.

According to the actor, “we’ve become something of a weirdo” and he advocates “engaging in self-criticism, asking ourselves who we are and what we want, if we will let you step on us again and againbe it morally, physically or in terms of money.”

On how the pandemic has affected him, he explains: “I experienced it in a very different way than many colleagues, because I had a job in London, in the USA…”. However, he wants to focus on “the one who suffers, who is the union of the citizenswhat does the guild of power use and what the imbalance in the balance must be corrected now“.


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