Jacobo Ostos: the Police put a stop to the parties in his house


jacob bears He is once again in the eye of the hurricane. This time the reason has nothing to do with the delicate content that he uploads to his social networks, but rather because of a practice that he has resorted to insistently to earn money. For some time now, the son of the late bullfighter Jaime Ostos has been organizing órdago parties at his house in Villaviciosa de Odón. His neighbors can no longer take it and have decided to denounce him, with the first consequences being noticed.

During the early hours of this past weekend, the Local Police of the Madrid town appeared at Jacobo’s house in order to check in situ if any irregularity was being committed. A large party was being held there that did not meet the necessary legal requirements, disturbing the rest of its angry neighbors. Thus, it was seen how a car arrived with two agents, who were talking at the door of the chalet with several people. These facts are repeated again, after learning that the son of Jaime Ostos and María Ángeles Grajal rents part of the property as a leisure area for large amounts of money.

How much money can Jacobo Ostos be earning by organizing these parties? First of all, it must be said that what he is doing is renting the leisure area of ​​his home, a three-story, 368-square-meter villa and a 1,148-meter plot for which an amount close to 1,200 euros must be paid per month. day. Guests pay around 1,000 per night for one for six people, with more than 50 guests in total, approximately.

Jacobo Ostos defends himself and assures that he is not committing any irregularity in his house: «It is a legal activity because it is on a platform where a vacation rental license is not required. I rent the leisure part, which includes the basement conditioned for parties and the terrace chill out (…) I exempt myself from legal responsibility for what the guests do, “he confesses in statements to the newspaper abc.

Jacobo Ostos, in an archive image / Gtres

Of course, he assures that “I do not put any barrier or prohibition on my guests” and explains the reason for the visit of the Police to his house: “It has been good for me because They have been able to verify that there is no ticket office or bar to serve drinks, it is only a conditioned area ». His neighbors continue with their battle to show that Jacobo is committing an illegal act. They have already filed a complaint with the Villaviciosa City Council and the next step is for a technician to resolve it. Meanwhile, they complain that every Saturday there are incredible and annoying parties in the Ostos chalet.

Jacobo Ostos, without filters

LatelyJacobo Ostos is on everyone’s lips for being an active user of Only Fansthe social network of erotic content -mostly- where he defines himself as “the sexiest DJ in Spain” and has even been made sexual proposals as a result of this: “They have offered me to go to Palma de Mallorca, to an old lady’s yacht , paying me 72,000 euros […] They told me to go to Paris and asked me my rates. I said 15,000 euros for an hour, 100,000 euros one day and 250,000 on the weekend and the one in Paris told me that it was perfect, “he said in Deluxe Saturday.


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