Ja Morant leaves Grizzlies Hawks with clear knee injury

JMorant must have some connection with Zion Williamson and injury, as they both hit the headlines almost at the same time. Earlier Friday New Orleans Pelicans star has been allowed to return to full activity with his team following an injury that has left him absent since last summer. Just a few hours later Jah Morant suffered a serious knee injury during Memphis Grizzlies game against the Atlanta Hawks. It happened so quickly that anyone can miss it even on playback, but Jah’s foot movement in slow motion felt unnatural.

As soon as he felt the impact, he immediately fell to the ground, and he even needed help to leave the court in FedEx Forum… Pending further study of the injury, it did look like something serious that could cause damage. Memphis this season. Before today’s game Grizzly were 9-9 against Hawks a team with a similar record of 10-9. But MorantGetting out of the game early in the first quarter had a huge impact on his teammates. Ha considered one of the best young players in Nba today, his absence would hurt any true fan of the sport. Hopefully his injury is not as serious as it seemed in the photos we share here.

Hawke took advantage of Ja Morant’s absence.

It is this early exit due to trauma Atlanta Hawks you need to get things done tonight. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, visitors were already 30+ points ahead of Memphis with Ha already watching from places in court. Over the next few hours Grizzly The declarer will take appropriate tests to determine how serious the injury is. Everything Memphis fans are praying that there is nothing to worry about and we can all continue to enjoy his magic on the court. This season has been great on a personal level for Morant despite the ups and downs of his team in terms of results.

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