Ja Morant just hit the dirtiest dunk in NBA playoff history

Andyou see, ever since he joined the league, it was obvious that Ja Morant was a special talent with a wide repertoire to show the whole world. His dunks must be some of the most beautiful in NBA history, but he needed one that we could all remember forever. Everything that has changed today since memphis grizzlies against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

It was a tough series between two teams who did everything in their power to defeat their opponent. The Wolves also have a master dunker in Anthony Edwards, but Jah got one dirty shot against Malik Beasley just after the end of the third quarter. His approach, pace, dominance on the field and flexibility made this a truly unforgettable dunk.

Ja Moranta’s dunk is one of the best in playoff history.

If not the best, this Ja Morant dunk has to be one of the best in playoff history. Suddenly we can remember Kevin Johnson’s dunk to Hakeem Olajuwon, Kobe Bryant’s dirty dunk to Steve Nash. Or what John Starks did to Jordan, Pippen and Grant.

Just recently, Kawhi Leonard got another nasty dunk in defense of the Utah Jazz, but none of them were as spectacular as what Ja Morant just pulled off. And it’s not just about the dunk, this man hit the buzzer for the win and put in one of the most complete performances of his career. Short-lived, but Morant’s career has just taken a giant step towards an even higher elitist level.

Will Ja Morant finally make it to the dunk contest?

Ja Morant didn’t participate in this year’s All-Star Dunk Contest, one of the worst in history due to the lack of the best dunkers in the game right now. We can’t wait for the day when Ja Morant agrees to perform and compete against a recovered Zion Williamson for the price.

We also wish Anthony Edwards was in the mix and we could give us the best slam dunk contest ever. We can only cross our fingers for this to happen in the future. Make no mistake, all three of these players will compete in this all-star competition someday. Let’s hope they do it together.


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