It’s the hair color of the season, Laura Escanes confirms it


After a summer full of gold and highlights, fall has become the perfect excuse Complete change in appearance. For many, the new year doesn’t start in January, it’s a return to everyday life and a goodbye to summer. An ideal opportunity to experiment with looks and follow trends that are developing. If not, tell Aitana, Laura Escarnes Or Raquel Reitx, who’ve added the season’s quintessential hair color.

Update or die. Looks like this is the hit Netflix series, the queen’s plan, that promotes russet On her hair, because Anya Taylor-Joy knows how to bring out her fiery hair.From that moment on, this risky bet From catwalk to street style, increasingly appearing among influencers in our country. That’s it, and while ginger hair will vary based on everyone’s skin, the truth is, so far, we haven’t found anyone who feels bad.

But if there is a platform that encourages change, it is Tik Tok Thanks to its filters, it has convinced fans of the adventurous trend.While blondes opted for a haircut and experimented with dark-haired looks, the most daring opted for a reddish hue that came along at the same time With the launch little mermaid. That’s it, it’s a color that provides sweetness in addition to vibrancy. An ideal shade for this season of the year, the brown tones of pumpkins and foliage are the main protagonists.

While it’s time for influencers in our country to risk a change, the truth is that this redhead fad started much earlier.One of the pioneers to wear it was Gigi Hadid Last summer. The model returned to the runway in this shade at the Versace Fall/Winter 2021 show. behind this, anger at the trend Upward trend.

One of the first Hispanic women to dare to change was Aitana that was after leaving the academy Triumph operation And starting her star career has changed very radically.Abandoned her unique dark brown, interpreted do you want to stay joined the redhead, it is not that he did not leave the identity of his bangs. He doesn’t seem to be used to the change, as he now decides to wear a black that suits him again.

Among our national celebrities, one of the first to wear Gringer was Rachel Ricks. The influencer trusted Wella to make her most daring makeover yet, and she couldn’t be happier.The content creator has been grooming her hair since last April to get more and more lighter shadewhich was her final step in dyeing her brows the same shade, making her a purebred redhead.

Last but not least, the latest celebrity to join the trend is Laura Escanes. Risto’s ex-wife announced via her social network that she was considering a change, and it was.

The characteristic is to carry a thousand different hairs, Internet celebrities have been unable to resist the current color. It couldn’t sit better.


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