‘It’s not great’, Leclerc’s bitter mid-season record


After a good start, Charles Leclerc has suffered a series of disappointments in the first half of the F1 season that has left him with a bitter taste, weighed down by numerous mistakes despite the efficiency of Ferrari’s single-seater But get angry.

Charles Leclerc (24) The first part of the season was very emotional. Driving a high-performance Ferrari single-seater, Monaco quickly positioned itself as Max Verstappen’s main rival in the title race, with two wins from the first three races and a 46-point lead. Then it all fell apart with a bug. The ones for the team: mechanical (two engine failures) and strategic (lost three leads after wrong choices). Leclerc lost the final race of the Hungarian Grand Prix due to poor tyre selection. The latter also has his responsibilities (spin in Imola, off the track in France).

Before the summer break, he trailed Verstappen by 80 points. BBC“First of all, it’s unbelievable that we finally got back to fighting for the win,” he noted. On the other hand, we failed to maximize all the potential we had. It wasn’t great. I hope we still have To catch up in the second half of the season, I will try my best. But the final game was a bit difficult. »

“We absolutely want to do everything we can to improve everything we do, obviously in the first half of the season there were tactical issues, reliability issues and driving errors. In terms of reliability and strategy, we are trying to improve. After making mistakes, we Always going through the exact same process of trying to analyze where the error came from and why we made the wrong decision at some point in the game in order to move on. Once we understand a mistake, then we can move on.»

“When I make mistakes, I’m always harder”

He praised the work the team has done to get the single-seater on a streak again, and thinks the debauchery will make up for the mistakes he has learned to take. “It depends on which one,” he concluded. I am very hard on myself. So dealing with my own mistakes is a lot harder than dealing with team mistakes, even though we’re obviously a team and we win and lose together. I’m always harder when I make mistakes, and obviously the French Grand Prix is ​​one of them. Imola also has a point that while I can get back on track, not many points are dangerous. »


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