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‘It’s humiliating’, Roy condemns Leclerc’s treatment at Ferrari

Charles Leclerc had another tough Grand Prix in Hungary last weekend. Dragged down by Ferrari’s poor selection, the Monaco team finished in a disappointing sixth place. Something has angered our consultant Jean-Luc Roy, who worries about the bond of trust between the 24-year-old driver and the team led by Mattia Binotto will be broken.

Another fiasco. Ferrari makes another serious mistake at Hungarian Grand Prix, near Budapest on Sunday. Like this season, Charles Leclerc paid the price. The Monaco driver started third on the grid and ended up failing to finish sixth as his team’s options failed. Scuderia is notable for putting him on hard tires shortly after halfway, then calling him back to the pits for the third time on soft tires.what is allowed Max Verstappen takes victory from him And fly to the world championship (80 points lead).

“I think it’s a lack of confidence, almost a humiliation,” denounced our adviser Jean-Luc Roy. When you sign a driver with Charles’ talent, at least in You listen to and trust him for a long time. Especially since the driver’s role is to drive, not necessarily to think while driving. Usually, there is a strategist who thinks for him and gives him the right instructions. The problem is , with these recurring mistakes, I’m worried that Charles no longer has confidence in his team. He can’t speak out publicly because when you’re a Ferrari driver, you’re silent. In the contract, there’s a clause that the driver doesn’t have the right to Too much criticism of their team. »

“I think Binotto has reached his level of incompetence”

Leclerc appears to have suffered psychologically due to a series of disappointments. After a promising start to the season, the Holy Grail is far from now. “Unfortunately, he is losing confidence, observes Jean-Luc Roy. As the pressure builds, the gap to Verstappen is now 80 points over time. And I fear Charles has Understand that he will not be world champion in 2022, when he has the best car. »

“Mattia Binotto was a Ferrari boss for a few years and was a charming boy. He was a great engineer and had a great career at Ferrari. But there, I think he has Reached his level of incompetence and continued our motorsport expert. He is not a team owner. When Charles arrived at Ferrari with Sebastian Vettel (2019), he was already faster than him, but we didn’t Prioritize one driver. That’s how you win championships. Unfortunately, I’m afraid of repeating mistakes. »

“Binotto is responsible for these multiple failures”

“Mattia Binotto is the boss and he is responsible for the system and these multiple failures. There are high quality people in the staff. Maybe they are not in an environment that gives them the necessary confidence and sobriety. Formula 1 above all It’s speed, especially decision-making, understanding and reacting to situations. Not all of these boxes are checked by Ferrari. The Italian team now has a month to raise the bar before the next Grand Prix, scheduled for August 28 at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium.

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