It’s a millionaire’s breakfast: that’s what Amancio Ortega eats every morning


Amancio Ortega is one of the richest men in the world, a millionaire who has a favorite breakfast that arrives at his table every morning. When you can have it all, know what you’ve been doing for years, that secret to getting you in great shape the first thing of the day is key. According to what they say, Ortega has a favorite dish that he eats every day for breakfast, a move we can repeat over and over, achieving a million dollar breakfast at home.

This is what Amancio Ortega eats for breakfast every morning

Every morning, a millionaire man like Amancio Ortega would order the same breakfast. All the delicacies in the world could arrive at your table. You can eat whatever you want thanks to a personal chef and an always open kitchen listening to your needs.

The rest of us mortals must be ready to start the day like a millionaire. We can have the same breakfast as Amancio with a few nuances. Essentially, your breakfast is one of the healthiest to be able to enjoy a combination of ingredients that may be essential right now.

According to Amancio workers, the businessman eats eggs for breakfast every day. But not just any egg, a millionaire like him requires a quality to invest in. This unmissable dose of protein will give us one of the best ways to start the day, with a good breakfast.

Eggs David Sueiro’s organic products are sold to the firm Galo Celta and they come from chickens from Pontevedra. Its Galician heart is for the products of the land, especially with certain specialties that we cannot stop eating again and again. Considered the best eggs in Spain, it is worth taking care of yourself and betting on local products.

These types of eggs are a bit more expensive, but you have to take into account that come from chickens that are well cared for and fed with organic products, we are before an artisanal poultry farming. A plus that translates into a different flavor and texture. Boiled eggs with village bread, a classic Spanish potato omelette or sponge cake, and Amancio Ortega’s breakfast are a great way to enjoy this delicacy. Tapas Magazine unveiled this special breakfast by Amancio Ortega in its daily newspaper.


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