Italy’s centre-left wins over Rome and Turin, blocking the extreme right of Salvini and Melloni


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The Italian center-left coalition regained important cities such as Rome or Turin (northern) in the second round of municipal elections and successfully blocked the candidates of the far-right Matteo Salvini and Georgia Meloni.

In the capital,improving Roberto Gualtieri Elected as mayor with 60.3% of the negative vote Enrico Miketti (39.7%), while In Turin, the center-left candidate Stefano Lo Russo Have the upper hand with 59.3% Paul Damiano (40.7%).

After the first round of elections on October 3 and 4, Italy ended the second round of municipal elections to replace municipalities in 65 cities. At that time, the center-left won in Milan, Bologna (north) and Naples (south). . In Rome, Mayor Virginia Raj is absent Changed at the first time.

The left has taken over most of the capital cities, such as Caserta, Cosenza, Isernia, Latina, Savona and Varese, while in Trieste, the current mayor will continue to serve The current mayor, right-wing Roberto Di Piazza, after a crazy and very nervous comeback (51.6%).

Rome, “uncontrollable”

“Start an extraordinary job now to promote Rome and make it work better so that it can grow and become a champion of a more inclusive city and ecological transformation,” the new mayor Gualtieri promised, celebrating him Victory.

The management of Rome has always been a thorny issue. The outgoing mayor, Virginia RajA member of the Five-Star Movement (M5S), since 2016 has been the last person to pay the price for ruling it, and the first woman in its history to do so.

The devastating financial situation that has been delayed for decades and the precarious situation of some of its basic services (such as garbage) are particularly serious. This is why the parties, Know the wear, Second-rate candidate selected.

The final winner is Roberto GualtieriRoman, 55, used to be Minister of Economy in the Second Government of Giuseppe Conte. Since the collapse and Draghi came to power, he has served as deputy mayor and candidate for mayor in February 2021.

His opponent is Enrico MikettiUntil recently, Rome was ignorant. Nevertheless, Rome has gained fame for its racist rhetoric and massacres, which are exposed these days.

Enrico Michetti (Enrico Michetti), Italy’s far-right candidate for mayor of Rome.


Pulse of 2023

The same party believes that the election is to check their pulse before the 2023 general election, because in the parliament, except for the far-right Italian Brotherhood, everyone else is integrated into the coalition supporting the government. Mario Draghi.

Therefore, considering that more than half of voters are staying at home, experts try to draw some conclusions. In the second round, 47.55% of the census votedIn contrast, 55.86% of people in first class did it, which is one of the lowest numbers in the series.

The first conclusion is that the center-left coalition led by the Democratic Party not only successfully resisted in cities such as Milan and Bologna (northern), but also regained Rome or Turin (5 star movement) ruled by M5S in the past five years. .

Secondly M5S, He denied his “anti-caste” character, Suffered a new election blow, Lost these two cities, this is the first badge it won when it grew rapidly before coming to power in 2018.

The usefulness of the alliance between PD and M5S has also been proven, which makes it possible to win in Naples or Bologna, which must be taken into account in the election.

in this sense, The alliance between Meloni, Matteo Salvini and Silvio BerlusconiIn recent years, it has worked well and discovered a glass ceiling, which has not been implemented in any endangered big cities.

League leader Salvini was one of the first to react to the results and was interested in why more than half of the 5 million Italians who voted decided to stay at home.

This is after airing the ghost suspected of manipulation, Commenting on the five-star government and the pandemic PD manager’s public investigation of corruption, Draghi was fired in March as soon as he came to power.

“Obviously, after the second round of elections,” Salvini wrote on Twitter, with news that the investigation had started, implying that the prosecutor’s office had disclosed its investigation for partisan purposes.


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