Italy will require public and private employees to provide Covid certificates from October 15


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Italian Council of Ministers A decree was approved today requiring all workers to hold a “health passport” for the coronavirus. This measure will take effect on October 15th, which will make Italy the first European country to require this certificate in terms of employment.

The Italian Minister of Public Administration, Renato BrunettaIn his appearance after the meeting, he explained that with this decision, “Italy is at the forefront of the world” and aims to allow the country to spend the winter in better and safer conditions and avoid closing again due to the pandemic.

Brunetta emphasized that the Italian economy as a whole will grow by about 6% in 2021, while it will fall by 8.9% in 2020, and this move is also moving in the direction of protecting this recovery.

A valid digital or paper certificate indicates that someone has received At least one dose of coronavirus vaccine, Who passed the disease or received a test with a negative result within a few hours before it was shown, now it has been extended to 72 hours, from 48 hours ago.

This “green pass” is called a “green pass” in Italy and is already necessary in some cases, such as Enter the interior of the bar and restaurant, Stadiums, museums or conference venues, all public and private sector employees will now be asked.

Minister of Regional Affairs, Marias Tera Germini, Explaining that the Mario Draghi government has also reduced The price of coronavirus testing: For those who cannot be vaccinated, they will be free, people under the age of 18 will spend 8 euros, the rest will spend 15 euros, and now it costs about 20 euros.

Those who fail to show certificates or carry counterfeit goods will face financial fines or even temporary suspension, although this does not mean they can be fired. As far as he is concerned, the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando.

“The goal is to improve safety in the workplace,” he added.
Italy currently has 74.61% of the population inoculated with the coronavirus within 12 years, a figure similar to its EU neighbors.

The application of vaccination certificates has created tensions within the government, especially with the far-right La Liga, whose leaders, Matteo Salvini, Trying to win the favor of people who oppose vaccination, and believes that this health pass is a way to force people to get vaccinated if they don’t want to undergo continuous molecular or antigen testing.

The initiative has the support of employers and unions to avoid new restrictions to stop the spread of the virus, but workers representatives asked for mandatory vaccination when they met with Draghi on Wednesday. In this case, “don’t consider it, at least for now. “according to Maurizio Landini, Secretary General of CGIL, the largest trade union in the country.


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