Italy will only allow people who have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus to participate in social and leisure activities


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The evolution of the European coronavirus pandemic Most importantly, infections can occur in people who have not been vaccinated against the virus. This discovery led the government to adopt Increasingly stringent measures As for this part of the population.

After Austria, The Italian government is also preparing to approve measures such as Compulsory vaccination certificate Or have overcome the disease to be able to enter restaurants and entertainment venues, and the introduction of virus testing and testing will continue to be allowed to travel and work.

On this Wednesday morning, Conference call control room, Discuss the measures to be implemented to combat the new crown virus with the experts in charge of pandemic management and the ministerial meeting in response to the fourth wave of the epidemic. In the afternoon, the executive officer will meet to approve.

Main measures Strive to fight the “fourth wave” In Italy, although the number is still lower than in other European countries, it is the so-called “super hygiene certificate” that is beginning to attract attention. Or closed rooms for sporting events.

Currently engaged in any activity in Italy and A valid health certificate even when entering the workplace, Can also be obtained through a negative antigen test with a validity period of 48 hours.

The new “Super Health Certificate” aims to encourage nearly 7.5 million Italians to be vaccinated, especially in Bands between 40 and 60 years old It turns out that they were not vaccinated.

According to data from this Tuesday, the new positive result for the coronavirus is 10,047 positive results in the past 24 hours 83 people died, and the positive rate was 1.4%. The number of coronavirus patients in the intensive care unit was 560, an increase of 11 from the previous day, and the number of symptomatic hospitalized patients increased by 4,597 from Monday.

The situation in the Upper Adige area (northern) is even more serious. The area has redefined the obligation to wear masks abroad, discotheques have been closed, and Restaurants and bars must do this at 6:00 pm. (17.00 GMT) Due to the increase in infections.

Another measure under study is Shorten the period of health certificates from the current 12 months to 9 months, Although some people in the scientific community pushed for a duration of 6 months. Therefore, the government intends to speed up the booster dose in the population.

The Ministry of Health has taken measures to shorten the interval between the end of the vaccination cycle and the third vaccination from 6 months to 5 months.

Health professionals and health professionals’ third dose obligations are also likely to be approved. Staff of Expert House, As well as among employees of order forces and public administration departments or teachers.

Although the validity of the test duration is also controversial, some in the scientific community believe that the test time should be reduced from 48 hours to 24 hours. Antigen test and 72 to 48 hours For the molecule.


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