Italy will abolish fixed charges in electricity bills by December


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Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi, Announcing that the government will abolish fixed fees Electric bill Until December, households and small businesses, as measures to offset high prices, called on Europe to take joint action to “diversify electricity supply.”
“We decided to abolish the fixed cost of gas systems for everyone and the fixed cost of electricity for households and small businesses in the last quarter of this year,” Draghi told Congress of the Italian Employers Association, Confindustria, refer to the cost of renewable energy, research or shutdown of nuclear power plants included in the invoice.
The President also announced the extension of the power and natural gas bonds, “to protect especially the most vulnerable”, he explained that in the absence of government intervention, “Electricity prices may rise by 40% And 30% of natural gas” until the end of the year.
“In general, this is a Intervention of more than 3 billion euros, After 1.2 billion euros in June. It has strong social value, especially to help the poorest and most vulnerable people,” he added.
In ensuring that his government is “committed to Find immediate solutions to these problems In order to design a long-term strategy to reduce our vulnerability, he called on Europe to act together in this area.
He said: “These measures must be followed by action, including at the European level, to diversify energy supply and strengthen the contractual power of the purchasing country.”
On Wednesday, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi di Maio Announcing that Italy has asked 27 countries to agree to a common approach to manage high electricity bills, which may even be caused by the economic intervention of supporting member states.
this European Commission (EC) said that due to the strong increase in natural gas and electricity prices, it will not consider major changes in the energy market, but it will guide member states to take measures they can take to reduce electricity bills within a certain range of community regulations.


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