Italy strikes deal to calm EU: Draghi backs Meloni in exchange for pro-Europe pledges


Two days after far-right victory in Italian elections, Georgia Melloni and Mario Draghi would have struck a deal to get European approval. The former prime minister will serve as an adviser, Trying to steer relations with Europeand Meloni Commitment not to touch the three fundamental pillars of the EU Now: Supporting Ukraine in the war with Russia, joining NATO, and economic policy continuity.

The news was reported by an Italian newspaper republic, Point out that the former Prime Minister of Italy would contact Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Schultz and Ursula von der Leyen to Guarantee the policies of the Italian brothers’ leaders And assured Europe the pillars that will continue to guide government action.

To that end, Draghi will present these three promises to Melloni, who will commit to abide by them.Therefore, the new Italian government promised continue to help ukraineeven at the military level; a continue to join NATO Seamless and no longer take unexpected turns in approved budgets with the aim of control public debt.

According to the paper, Meloni and Draghi have been in discussions for several days to make the government transition as smooth as possible. Although these three pillars — sanctions on Russia, NATO membership and control of public debt — have Merloni’s support throughout the political movement, There is no consensus within the league Yes It was unclear whether Berlusconi or Salvini would approve the deal.

Moreover, it was Meloni himself who renounced his pro-European stance just days before the vote. “The Brussels hitchhiking is over”, He said a few days before the election. “I have a good relationship with Orban and I think there needs to be a rebalancing on the Franco-German axis,” he stressed. However, once elected government leader, Meloni appears willing to moderate to avoid the foreseeable European isolation she could suffer, while Draghi is willing to support her national interests in the name of Europe.

internal conflict

Meloni must now manage foreseeable internal conflicts that may arise from this agreement. In an interview with the same newspaper on Tuesday, Francesco Lollobrigida, the speaker of the Italian Brotherhood in the House of Representatives, assured that his formation wanted to reform the constitution Overarching principles for reviewing EU law On the country “We don’t pretend to touch its basic values, but the world is no longer the world of 1948. (…) It’s beautiful, but it’s 70 years old,” declared Lollobrigida.

Another requirement of the Italian brothers in this hypothetical future revision, which they have insisted on during the campaign, is that Italians can elect the president of the republic: “We need a rule that gives citizens the right to choose. This time we have to act quickly because we don’t want to repeat the experience of last January, when Sergio Mattarella was sacked due to incompetence on the part of the parties. forced to repeat.”
Lollobrigida dodged criticism because they were not the first to advocate for changes to the supreme law, as former prime minister Matteo Renzi has already done, in an attempt to remove the Senate.

Regarding the sovereignty principle of Community Law, the far-right MP commented that “this is also a topic of debate in other countries”. “In Germany – he explained – the Constitutional Court affirmed that, between the two normative systems, always prevail and best protect the German peoplea concept that should be the subject of reflection”.

I support Zelensky

According to La Reppublica, Lollobrigida is preparing a dossier containing proposals for these constitutional amendments, and he hopes any formula will eventually be realized. “As soon as we get to the finish line, we can find one,” he said, believing some opponents would agree.

When asked about the Italian brother’s position on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Lolobrigida replied that he saw “no need to justify” his “Atlanticism” or “Western stance” or his “condemnation” of Russia. But he noted: “Let’s not hide that NATO and the EU both need reform.”

It remains to be seen how Meloni will combine his deal with Europe and Draghi with the most radical parts of his government.



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