Italy seeks president to succeed Sergio Mattarella: Mario Draghi vs. Silvio Berlusconi?


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The battle for leadership situation Italian Will arrive in Parliament on January 24, when an uncertain career will begin, including the president of the government, Mario Draghi, Or the incombustible former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, While voting for a petition Miss.

“I have convened a joint meeting of the parliament to elect President of the Republic January 24 at 3:00 pm (2:00 pm GMT)”, revealed on Facebook Roberto Fico, Speaker of the Italian House of Representatives, After making an appeal to the “big voters”, this will mark the starting gun of the election.

Both parties are already engaged in finding a successor Sergio Matarella, Because consensus is essential: if there is no parliamentary majority, the House will dissolve and hold elections, which will benefit the parliament extreme right, As the opinion polls over the past few months have shown.

Unknown Covid

At present, 1,009 participants have been convened to vote. Montecitorio Palace, Seats in the House of Commons, elects Matarella’s successor, whose term will expire in one month: 630 members of the House of Representatives, 321 senators and 58 regional representatives.

To be elected, the first three votes require 673 votes, but after the fourth vote, a simple majority of 505 votes is valid. Mattarella far exceeded this number seven years ago, winning 665 votes.

“As usual, this morning I sent a letter to the chairman of the regional committee and President Mattarella who must elect representatives,” Fico said, emphasizing that in the next two weeks, normal parliamentary activities will be supplemented to prepare for voting. .

In addition, the pandemic is closely monitored because the country’s large number of positive results has opened a question mark on how it will affect the epidemic. Coronavirus disease Meeting: It has been determined that at most 5 or 6 groups of councillors can vote every day, and the possibility of holding a night meeting is not ruled out.

Struggle, agreement and veto

From this moment on, the contacts between the parties will increase. Although some people such as the anti-caste senator continue to see him as a candidate, they have been working for months to find a replacement for Matarella. Five Star Sports (M5S), the request seems more like a strategy to buy time.

The extreme-right La Liga leaders have the same accusations. Matteo Salvini, To the Secretary-General of the Democratic Party (PD), Enrico Leta, Bent on putting the current prime minister in Quirinal’s complex game, even though it would open an unprecedented crossroads.

Obviously, the strongest candidate is Draghi, the head of government with the highest consensus in recent years. But to replace him, Leita’s strategy is not supported by everyone in his party. He needs a majority figure that seems hard to find.

Another controversial name is Berlusconi, supported by the center-right wing of his party. Forza Motorsport Italy, And the far-right Italian League and Brotherhood, although it is extremely unlikely to get the necessary votes.

Although Berlusconi had these accounts and Salvini worked at meetings of all political leaders and agreed to “at least one way”, as long as the conservative leader’s name was still threatened, Letta vetoed it and opposed its candidate. Qualifications were called the protests in Rome this afternoon.

A woman

This Sunday, Italian intellectuals and artists headed by writers Dacia Maleny, Requested the selection of a woman in the media appeal, this is the proposal that the former prime minister’s M5S leader has already chosen Giuseppe Conte.

The election of the Italians as president will be “a great act of trust and collective respect”. This is something that women have been denied in history. This will promote the country’s feminism and address Effie Maleni, one of the most serious voices in Europe. explain. Defender of literature and civil rights.

The poet, narrator, and playwright Maraini (Fiesole, 1936) did not hesitate to devote himself to the always complicated Italian public stage at the age of 85, asking a woman to become the head of state: “I don’t have much confidence. But I hope so. I think it will be an act of justice and freedom.”

The name of the current attorney general, Martha Catabia, Is one of the voices as loud as the former prime ministers Romano Prodi and Giuliano Amato in recent days.


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