Italy only allows people who have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus to enter stadiums, restaurants and theaters


Italian government A decree was approved this Wednesday, among other things, Strengthen the use of health certificates, Excluding unvaccinated leisure (theaters, stadiums, etc.), the hotel industry extends the obligation of vaccinations to police and teachers, in view of the increase in cases and “save” Christmas.

Thanks to this new regulation, for situations and scenarios where antigen testing has been sufficient so far, a Covid passport will be necessary, which documents the vaccination and the recent overcoming of the disease.

He said at the press conference: “We must take precautions before they happen, be very cautious in avoiding risks, and maintain what we have achieved this year.” Prime Minister Mario DraghiFor them, the pandemic in the country “has been brought under control”, but it has “slightly worsened.”

First, Strengthen the health certificateThis is required in areas such as leisure in Italy and indicates that a person has been vaccinated, they have overcome the disease, or their Covid-19 test result is negative.

From December 6th to January 15th, in order to prevent the infection from spreading during the Christmas period, the document was issued only in the first two cases.

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