Italy: Muslim Arrested for Torturing and Abuse of Two People, Including a Teenager, Who Refused to Fight for ISIS


“The witness also recounted torture with electric shocks against Kurdish detainees belonging to the Yazidi minority to force them to convert to Islam.”

But all the scholarly analysts in the West insist that ISIS is not Islamic, and they should know it, right?

“Terrorism, Italian foreign fighter arrested in Brescia: radical ideological adherence to the Islamic jihad”, translated from “Terrorism, Italian foreign fighter arrested in Brescia: radicale adesione ideologica alla Jihad islamica”, Leggo, November 12, 2022:

A 28-year-old Italian foreign fighter, but of Moroccan origin, was arrested in Brescia accused of “kidnapping and personal injury, aggravated by having used torture and acted cruelly as well as for purposes of terrorism and racial hatred.”

The Brescia Police executed the preventive detention order for Samir Bougana (28 years old, born in Gavardo, but originally from Morocco), issued by the Brescia investigating judge at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office. In 2019 he was taken to Kobane (Syria), where he was in a state of capture by the Kurdish People Protection Units, by officials of the Digos de Brescia and the Central Directorate of the Prevention Police, after an operation carried out in close connection with Aise, the FBI and the Syrian authorities and arrested for participation in association with terrorist purposes, since, after a radical ideological adherence to Islamic Jihad that began in Italy and ended in Germany, he left for Syria, where he had become an operative for the self-styled Islamic State.

The award
In July 2020, the Court of Brescia sentenced him to 4 years in prison, which was later upheld on appeal.

Subsequent investigations, also carried out at the international level, found a turning point in the exchange of information between the Italian and German authorities that revealed how the foreign fighter himself could also have been responsible for the torture and abuse against at least two people, including a teenager. who refused to fight for ISIS and are currently taking refuge in Germany.

decisive testimony
Decisive in this sense was the testimony, collected in Düsseldorf by the prosecutor of the investigations and by officials of the Central Directorate of the Preventive Police and the Digos of Brescia, of one of the victims of torture, inflicted by the Italian-Combatant Moroccan foreigner: showing the scars of the torture suffered, the witness also recounted torture perpetrated with electric shocks against Kurdish detainees belonging to the Yazidi minority to force them to convert to Islam.


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