Italy, Germany and Sweden speed up the evacuation of personnel in Afghanistan


Like Spain, Several European countries accelerated in the last few hours evacuation Its diplomats and citizens of Kabul face the imminent Taliban Siege and The government announces the transfer of power In the hands of the insurgents.

Italy launched this Sunday air transport Repatriate its diplomatic mission and its Afghan citizens and collaborators to protect them from possible retaliation by the Taliban. In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assured that “in view of the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, procedures have been initiated to organize the return of the Italian Embassy personnel from Kabul to Italy.”

The diplomatic mission consists of approximately 50 employees and is led by Vittorio Sandalli.Other people will go back with them 30 employees As well as their families and the police in charge of headquarters security until this Sunday. According to media reports, the first flight is scheduled to fly to Rome this Sunday evening.

On this day, evacuated to Sweden According to the public radio station of the Nordic countries, the staff of its embassy in Afghanistan GermanyAccording to the report, the company is preparing to start operations next Monday, but has advanced its plans for this Sunday in advance. picture.

Evacuate embassy staff, their families and local staff “Absolute Priority”Earlier, the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (Heiko Maas) had made guarantees before this popular newspaper.

In Germany, any military involvement in a mission of this nature requires Bundestag authorization However, given the imminent situation, the parliamentary vote will be postponed.

The country completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan in June last year, forming the country’s second largest international task force after the United States.In the final stage, some 1,100 soldiers, Mainly in Mazar-i-Sharif in the north of the country, fell into the hands of the Taliban this Saturday

Together with these countries, Norway and Denmark This Friday announced the closure of its embassy and the evacuation of all personnel, including diplomats and local employees and their families.


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